Tesla P100D Leaked!

Posted on May 7, 2016 by T Sportline

Earlier this month, known tesla hacker Jason Hughes took to social media to leak information regarding Tesla's plans for the future. Hughes revealed information regarding a possible P100D option for Future Tesla models. Late last year Tesla upgraded the P85D to the P90D which added 5 kWh Battery capacity to its top model. If so, a P100D would mean a Performance (Dual Motor), All Wheel Drive, and 100-kWh Battery upgrade. This could mean a great leap into Tesla reaching the 300-mile driving range benchmark.

Although Tesla has not confirmed nor denied the implementation of a larger, 100-kWh battery pack for future Tesla models, we are still excited to see what Tesla and Elon have up their sleeves. Specially now with the Model 3 unveiling happening in a few weeks its safe to say that Tesla is constantly raising the bar and pushing the limits in the Electric Automotive Industry.