Tesla Motors Plan to End Range Anxiety

Posted on March 19, 2015 by T Sportline

Elon Musk tweeted about 'range anxiety' four days ago, and his plans to end this not with Xanax or Cymbalta, but with over the air software updates. First in the software update is Range Assurance. This background software will basically inform you if you have enough juice to get to your destination and probably advise you if there's a supercharger en route. "It will be basically impossible to run out of charge unless you do so intentionally," says Musk. Second is Trip Planner. This basically advises you on your best route and where to charge en route to your destination. The software calculates the fastest, most convenient route to your destination, including how long you'll have to stop at a Supercharger location to juice up to get to your destination. Trip Planner will tell you how long you need to stop and charge to reach your destination. We wonder if Trip Planner accounts for driving post-destination since not all destinations have chargers. Then there's the clap of the hands and poof your Tesla automatically shows up in front of you aka Remote Vehicle Summoning. This will be a mobile app based update that tells your car to meet you at the front door. Valet Mode. Via Tesla Motors press kit: "Valet Mode conveniently and discreetly limits Model S’s driving performance and restricts access to certain settings and personal information. With the touch of a button, owners can place a limit on speed, lock the glove box and frunk, and disable personal information like driver profiles and homelink settings." That's the jist of today's Tesla Motors announcement. We look forward to seeing also these updates go into effect.