Tesla Model S Update for 2016

    Posted on April 12, 2016 by T Sportline


    There has been many rumors about a potential Tesla Model S Update for a few months now, but this morning Tesla has made the Tesla Model S Update official. Tesla updated their design Studio with their new and improved Model S which has adopted some of the Model X design DNA.

    These are some of the changes we have noticed.

    1. $1,500 Price Increase
    2. LED Turning Headlights
    3. Redesigned Front and Rear Bumpers
    4. HEPA filter option (Bioweapon Defense Mode)
    5. Piano Black Trim discontinued, Dark Ash-wood now standard
    6. Center Console is now standard
    7. Relocation of front sensing radar behind the bumper
    8. Black plastic from rocker panel removed now in body color
    9. Addition of new interior dash trim finishes

    Fascia Refresh

    (No More Nosecone)

    2016 Tesla Facelift

    It seems that Tesla has finally decided to ditch the Faux grille once and for all with this updated Model S. Previously, Tesla’s Design Chief Franz von Holzhausen made it a point to keep the Model S faux grille so the Model S could be more approachable for consumers. Reality is consumers have now grown to accept the future design of EV’s. EV’s have no need for a grille and although it was once thought to be too avant-garde for the time, it has now become an endorsed stylish feature for an EV. The updated Model S along with the all new Model 3 have now embraced that fact and have adopted the Model X fascia design language, which makes for a more sleek innovative look that is sure to make Tesla’s stand out. We at T Sportline hope to make it look even sportier!

    Rocker/Side Skirt Update
    2016 Tesla Model S Facelift

    Previously, the lower Model S rocker was manufactured in plastic and finished with a dark grey plastic with a chrome accent strip.
    But now the Tesla Model S update has ditched the plastic and gone with a body color rocker panel, which gives the S a clean sleek lowered look. The chrome accent strip was retained.

    Rear Diffuser refined.

    2016 Tesla Model S Facelift

    The Model S rear has took some of the Model X styling cues for the rear diffuser area. Seems like Tesla has widened the rear diffuser while eliminating the previous chrome accent strip that ran along the bottom of it, which similar to the current Model X design.

    Interior Options

    Tesla has also made some changes and updated some of their options for the Model S Interior.
    Tesla has finally made its center console a standard feature for their Model S.

    Decor Options
    2016 Tesla Model S Interior Update

    Model S buyers will now have the option of Dark Ash Wood Decor, and Figured Ash Wood Decor. Piano Black appears to have been discontinued.

    This may only be the beginning of staggered Tesla Model S updates since there has also been rumor of a 100kWh battery. We’ll have to wait and see what else Elon and Franz have up their sleeves!