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    T Sportline Helps You Get that Ultra White Look

    • Be one of the first Model 3 owners with a white vegan interior
    • Color matched to Tesla’s Ultra White Vegan trim with an improved feel
    • Factory Design Pattern and two Custom Design Patterns available

    What is it about white?

    White is the color of purity, the color of perfection, innocence, and well being. It symbolizes new beginnings, a refreshing blank canvas of creation for the senses, and it’s quickly becoming the interior color of choice for pioneering electric vehicle owners.

    Tesla’s own Ultra White vegan leather has already proven to be extremely popular with Model S and Model X buyers, along with the growing mass of Model 3 reservation holders.

    In the early days of Model T production Henry Ford famously said : “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” In that vein, Tesla has restricted the Ultra White interior option during the opening ramp up phase of Model 3 production in order to streamline assembly. Ultra White is now available as a $1,500 option to those just making their reservations now for the Performance Model 3 only.

    Unfortunately, that has created a collection of not quite satisfied Model 3 owners made up of early recipients, people who wanted their cars before the federal tax credit runs out, and individuals who couldn’t quite wait for the option to become available.

    T Sportline has a solution.

    Tesla Model 3 Premium Interior in Uber White or Ultra White Seat Upgrade Kit

    We worked with our suppliers to perfectly color match Tesla's Ultra White vegan in order to recreate our own and fill the demand for white Model 3 interiors.

    Dubbed Uber White, our Seat Upgrade Kit can be had in a factory pattern, or one of our two in-house designs: Insignia, or Diamond.

    Tesla Model 3 Premium Interior in Uber White or Ultra White Seat Upgrade Kit Insignia

    The Insignia design was inspired by Tesla’s original three-bar Model 3 logo, and can be had with color matched or contrasting three-bar inserts. All Model 3 Seat Upgrade Kits are available in either Vegan or Genuine leather material and come with OEM color matched gray stitching.

    We can also accommodate for the Model 3’s mid-year generation seat design change, with Seat Upgrade Kits for both Generation 1 and Generation 2 seat patterns. We have developed a simple to read diagram to help you determine which iteration your car is equipped with.

    Tesla Model 3 Seat Generation Changes and UpdatesTesla Model 3 Seat Generation Changes and Updates

    Additionally, check out to build you own custom Model 3 interior.

    There is a range of pre-selected popular colors available through our website. For custom colors please contact T Sportline directly at (310) 880-3256 or via email at

    T Sportline is proud to be the World’s First Tesla Tuner. We are focused on designing Tesla accessories and bespoke Teslas for customers from all over the world.


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