Project Muthayga: 2019 Tesla Model S Performance with Ludicrous Mode

    By Glenn Oyoung

    It seems Tesla is in the news every day, whether it’s due to Elon Musk’s latest tweet or Tesla’s latest product announcement. It’s easy to overlook the venerable Model S in favor of the latest and greatest product concept sketch. Not so when you take a gander at Project Muthayga (Muthaiga).

    Exterior: The Understated Statement Piece

    The combination of matte brown and matte copper exude luxury and confidence, in an eye-catching and understated manner. “Muthayga” or “Muthaiga” is a suburb of Nairobi in Kenya. Think of the Bel Air of Kenya… better yet think of Wakanda because this car just exudes a royal charm thanks to the 3M Matte Brown Metallic exterior. The T Sportline Chrome Delete package removes all the shiny spots including the window trim, door handles, and front and rear trim in 3M Matte Copper Metallic.

    Rounding out the exterior upgrades is a full 3M Crystalline tint package covering the front windshield, side windows, panoramic roof, and rear window. Our client selected 70%/40% to keep the cabin cool while exuding maximum meanness.

    Chassis: New Shoes and Suspension

    Aside from the distinctive colorway, Project Muthayga sports the perfect shoes to complete its sleek look. A set of staggered 20” TSS Flow Forged wheels finished in Matte Black are shod in Pirelli P Zeros (245/40-20 in front, and a beefy 275/40-20 in the rear) that use the original hardware and TPMS sensors.  T Sportline installed an Air Suspension Lowering Hardware Kit to bring the stance down into sportscar airspace.

    Interior: Ludicrous Mode, Part Deux

    Propulsion isn’t the only ludicrous category on Project Muthayga. The interior is a literal all-star mash-up of materials. T Sportline’s craftsmen used five hides of Bentley New Market Tan leather to completely transform the cabin from fore to aft. The seating areas are set-off with Ferrari Rosso (red for those not in the know) leather accents. The effect is the same as the pop of color you get when you pick a bright color for your under-collar accents on a custom suit. No one expects it but once they see it they wonder why they didn’t think to do that.

    Black contrast stitching and T Sportline’s signature diamond quilted pattern adorn the seatbacks and the door areas. The doors were also reupholstered with Ferrari black leather, and the contrast of the Bentley tan and black match the contrast between the tan and the T Sportline carbon fiber seatbacks perfectly.

    Whenever I review a modified car, I look to the dashboard and steering wheel as a litmus test to judge how thorough the upgrade is overall. With a build of this caliber, it’s only fitting that T Sportline took the transformation to the nth degree. In addition to the seatbacks, the steering wheel has also been tastefully upgraded with gloss carbon fiber and redone in Bentley New Market tan. T Sportline’s four-piece carbon fiber dash kit replaces the standard main dashboard and cup holder

    Final Thoughts

    I live in an area full of chrome Tiffany blue super exotics, so it’s refreshing to see a build that is eye-catching and aggressive while at the same time understated and refined. Wakanda may not be a real place, but the swagger and confidence of Project Muthayga most certainly is.



    Base Car

    •     2019 Tesla Model S Performance with Ludicrous Mode in Black


    •     3M Crystalline tint 70% / 40% (front windshield, side windows, panoramic roof, rear window).

    Wheels & Suspension

    •     Uses Pirelli P Zero 245/40-20 275/40-20 tire size, original lug nuts, original TPMS and accepts factory center caps.
    •     Air Suspension Lowering Hardware Kit


    •    Bespoke interior - 5 hides of Bentley New Market Tan leather with Ferrari Rosso (Red) Accents. Contrast Black stitching.
    •    Reupholstered doors in Ferrari Black leather.
    •    Signature Diamond Quilt.
    •    Bentley New Market Tan Leather & Black Alcantara Dashboard.
    •    Airbag Custom Dyed to Match Bentley New Market Tan.