Lucky 7

Posted on January 7, 2017 by Glenn Oyoung


What do you get when you take a top-of-the-line Tesla Model S P100D and invest over $50k in upgrades? You’re looking at it – Project TS7, a truly unique Model S that can hang with the most luxurious of exotics.

T Sportline was commissioned by the owner of TS7 to take the already potent Tesla and amplify its style, performance, and comfort.


One look at Project TS7 and you know this car means business. On the exterior everything has been blacked out to enhance the Model S’ already mean look. All exterior chrome was wrapped in 3M satin black vinyl with the exception of the T chrome emblem.

Glass was tinted 70% with 3M Crystalline tint on the windshield and panoramic roof and 40% on the side and rear windows – adding not only to the stealth look, but also reducing UV rays by 99.9%, while improving privacy for our high-profile client. The tint is said to be good for cooling the interior by 10-15 degrees on hot days.

Setting off the look is a T Sportline carbon fiber rear wing, which doesn’t only add downforce but also a dose of serious attitude to Project TS7.



Every T Sportline project requires a performance upgrade, and this one was no different. A set of gloss black TS115 21” forged wheels were mounted, measuring 21×9.0” in front and 21×9.5” in the rear. These wheels were designed to accommodate the stock 245/35/21 front and 265/35/21 rear PS2 Michelin tires, TPMS sensors, and factory center caps. While the fitment is 0.5” wider than stock, the TS115’s weigh in approximately 26% lighter than the factory 21” turbine wheels. As with its other services, T Sportline gives its customers the ability to personalize. Customers may customize the wheels by having them finished a custom color at no additional charge.


The main event for Project TS7 is its completely bespoke custom interior, featuring authentic Ferrari Rosso leather with red & black stitching.

T Sportline’s signature quilt design adorns the doors and segments of the front and rear seats, with matching red stitching. The door panels, lower dash, front and rear seats, center console, and even the third row child seats have been reimagined for maximum visual effect with contrast black stitching in various areas.

From the driver’s seat of TS7, it’s apparent that the restyling efforts left no stone unturned. The steering wheel was replaced with and a gloss carbon fiber steering wheel featuring Ferrari Rosso leather sides and black contrast stitching. The stock dash and cup holder were also replaced with gloss carbon fiber. Tesla logos were embroidered into the headrests to preserve the OEM connection, and extra plush floormats were made and embroidered with T Sportline logos.

To make an impression at night, LED lights that display the Tesla logo were installed under each door.



T Sportline improved upon the highly-praised factory system by installing an Audiophile Sound System to boost power and quality.

The Audiophile system features a Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 EQ Processor and Focal K2 Power mid-ranges and tweeters. Amplification comes from a 900-watt Alpine PDX-V9 and a 400-watt Rockford Fosgate T400X4ad amplifier putting out 1,300 watts of power.

Bass comes from an Alpine shallow 10” subwoofer, shrouded in a custom enclosure mounted in the trunk. Dynamat was applied to all door panels to ensure the only noise in cabin comes from the sound system.

One impressive feature is that the sound system does not harm or draw additional power from the Tesla range battery system.

In keeping with Project TS7’s low-profile exterior theme, an Escort Passport 9500ci radar detection and laser diffuser system was discreetly installed.

CilaJet sealant was installed on both the interior and exterior of the car, making maintenance a breeze and ensuring Project TS7 keeps its power to make a powerful first impression.



Base Car

  • 2017 Tesla Model S P100D


  • All chrome trim wrapped in 3M satin black vinyl
  • Entire car protected in CilaJet Sealant
  • 3M Crystalline tint 70% on front windshield, panoramic roof 40% on side windows, rear window
  • LED light with Tesla logo

Wheels & Suspension

  • TS115 21” forged wheels 21×9.0” front 21×9.5” rear.
  • Uses original Michelin PS2 245/35-21 265/35-21 factory tire set, original lug nuts, original TPMS and accepts factory center caps


  • Bespoke interior – Ferrari Rosso (Red) leather. Signature Quilt design in doors and areas of front/rear seats with matching red stitch. Contrast black stitching in all other areas.
  • Gloss carbon fiber dash trim
  • Gloss carbon fiber steering wheel with Rosso leather sides and contrast black stitching.
  • Airbag cover dyed to match Ferrari Rosso leather.
  • Extra thick custom floormats with T Sportline logos embroidered.


  • Audiophile Sound System upgrade:
  • Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 EQ Processor
  • Focal 3″ K2 Power dash speakers
  • Focal K-Power mid-range and tweeters
  • Alpine PDX-V9 amplifier 900 watts
  • Rockford Fosgate 400 watt amplifier
  • Alpine Shallow 10″ subwoofer in a custom enclosure in the trunk
  • Dynamat sound deadening applied to all door panels
  • Escort Passport 9500ci radar detection system