First Look - T Sportline TST 20x9.0" 20x10.0" Metallic Grey

T Sportline continues its ever popular wheel design, the TST in 20x9.0" and 20x10.0" for all Tesla Model S.

Model S owners can choose a non-staggered fitment (20x9.0" front / 20x9.0") using a 245/40-20" tire all around for longevity or use a performance staggered fitment (20x9.0" front / 20x10.0" rear) with a 245/40-20" front tire and 275/40-20" rear tire. T Sportline recommends the Pirelli P Zero for maximum driving performance.

Blue Tesla Model S 20 Inch TST Wheels

Blue Tesla Model S 20 Inch TST Wheels

Color choices will include: Metallic Grey, Brilliant Silver, Gloss Black and Matte Black.

The 20" TST is load rated at 900kg per wheel to handle the weight of both the Model S and Model X, and tested to the SAE J2530 standard. All T Sportline wheels are #alloriginal meaning you can use factory lug nuts, factory center caps (though we provide our own T Sportline caps) and factory TPM sensors.