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    Dressing Up The Most Expected Car of 2016

    Posted on November 24, 2015 by T Sportline

    Tesla has started production of its first SUV, the Tesla Model X. This gull-winged example of engineering prowess is likely to sell like hot-cakes and T Sportline is the place for all your Tesla Model X aftermarket parts and Model X accessories.

    As the world’s first Tesla tuner,T Sportline is known for luxury and performance upgrades for the Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, and now the Tesla Model X cars, ensuring that all Tesla owners have the vehicle of their dreams.

    First up: wheels! Just as with our Tesla Model S wheels, the 20- and 22-inch Model X wheels will be lighter weight that the stock Tesla wheels. Created using the design and engineering standards of T Sportline, these Tesla Model X Wheels will upgrade the style and efficiency of your Model X.

    To get the right stance you can change the ride-height of your Tesla Model X with our Lowering Springs. The Model X Suspension Package will decrease the ride height of your Model X without compromising the ride quality.

    T Sportline offers Model X owners improvements to the stock Tesla Model X interiors, including upgrades to Italian leather seat materials and dash pieces, and carbon fiber dash and seat upgrades. These improvements will not only save weight, but your Model X will look better than any other on the road.

    Continue transforming the look of your Tesla Model X with T Sportline’s carbon fiber body kits (similar to our Carbon Fiber Model S kit), including front and rear diffusers and hatch wing spoiler. These kits will increase the downforce on your Model X when hitting top speeds in Ludicrous Mode, and keep your Tesla firmly planted on the ground.

    For all your Tesla Model X wheels, body kits, interiors, aftermarket parts or accessories, T Sportline is the only shop you’ll need. T Sportline is dedicated to superior engineering and top of the line products to improve your Model X experience.

    To learn more about how T Sportline can help you create the Tesla Model X of your dreams, please or speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives by calling 866-991-4776.