A closer look at the interior of the Tesla Model X

Posted on December 31 2015 by T Sportline

Tesla Model X Interior

The Tesla Model X is one of the most exciting vehicles that will hit markets in 2016 and, besides its sexy exterior and futuristic falcon wing doors, the interior of the Tesla Model X seems to be one of the most interesting places to be.

Tesla Model X Interior Seat Configuration


Right off the bat you’ll notice the Tesla Model X has a very roomy interior that can comfortably seat seven passengers. While each seat in the Tesla Model X is an awesome place to be, Tesla points out that the second row seats are the most interesting. The second row seats are mounted on a single post and independently recline to maximize legroom and comfort while providing ample access to the third row. The third row seats fold flat when not in use and the second row seats lean forward to provide even more room if you need extra cargo space.

The Tesla Model X is available with two seating layouts. The seven-seater comes with a full 2-3-2 seating arrangement, while the six-seater comes with a 2-2-2 arrangement. In the six-seater arrangement, the middle seat of the second row has been removed to allow for more cargo room, ease of access to the third row and more individual room for second row passengers.

In terms of interior colors, Tesla Model X shoppers can pick between three upholstery color schemes: Ultra White, Tan Leather and Black Leather.

Tesla Model X Technology


When it comes to interior tech, the Tesla Model X is equipped with some very cool features. One of the most familiar things to anyone that owns a Model S or knows anything about Tesla Motors is the giant 17-inch LCD display that keeps control of everything from temperature control, locks, vehicle settings, navigation and more. Of course, there are other awesome features, like maps and navigation with real time traffic information, a center console including a quick connection phone dock, parking sensors and blind spot warning, automatic keyless entry, automatic rear liftgate, and Tesla’s outstanding Autopilot feature.

Tesla Model X Interior View


Besides everything we’ve mentioned, the Tesla Model X has some really cool features. First and foremost, the Tesla Model X has the largest all glass panoramic windshield in production. The glass runs right up to the roof and features optimized solar tinting and obstruction-free view for unlimited visibility for the driver and passengers.

Another unique features is the large, medical-grade HEPA cabin air filter which Tesla says is extremely effective at removing pollen, bacteria and other nasty particles. The Tesla Model X has three air circulations settings including outside air circulation, inside air recirculation and  “Bioweapon Defense Mode,” which creates positive pressure inside to protect against particles wafting in the air outside.